Gregory G. Gomez

Attorney at Law


While some defense attorneys boast that they were former prosecutors, Mr. Gomez is proud to say he has always been on the side of the defense.  He has dedicated his career to defending those whose liberty, livelihood and freedom have been jeopardized. For nearly a decade, Mr. Gomez worked as a public defender at The Legal Aid Society of Nassau County and The Legal Aid Society of New York, in both its Brooklyn and Manhattan Criminal Defense Practices. He represented thousands of clients at all stages of the criminal proceeding. He tried dozens of cases and participated in countless grand jury presentations and pre-trial hearings.  

Mr. Gomez entered private practice with the same commitment to justice and the strong work ethic he learned in the public sector. His passion for his clients and their cause, combined with his breadth of knowledge and experience, has made him a talented and effective criminal defense attorney. Whether a case is for a petty offense or for a very serious felony, Mr. Gomez is well versed in the complicated intricacies of any criminal case.